A film by Daniel Granados


A film by Daniel Granados

Gabriel, a Spanish street artist in Brussels, answers a ringing phone he finds in the garbage. On the other side of the line, Hala, a Syrian girl held captive by smugglers is crying for help. After realizing they are close enough, he rushes through the streets on her search.

Yibril is a fresh view on the important and ever-present topic of immigration. A touching story that unfolds in the heart of Europe showing us that people from different worlds can have much in common. 


The Project

In January 2016 began the long and exciting journey to create the short film that served as final graduation project at the RITCS for a team composed of Director (J.D. Granados), DOP (Silvian Hettich), and Editor (Urszula Mieszkielo).


At that time, Yibril was nothing but a bundle of lines trying to tell any story. But thanks to the creative effort of a talented team, little by little, those misplaced lines were adding up to grasp the emotion and hardship that is now transmitted through the screen.


Each stage of the project had the support of wonderful people. Cast, crew and friends contributed their direct experiences up to the twelfth iteration of the script, with which we started filming. Then, countless tests were performed and hard decisions taken to move from paper to screen. The selection of style and locations needed an incredible attention to detail.


Of course there were also struggles to fight. As a result of the terrorist attacks at the airport and metro station in Brussels, we faced more restricted permits, and logistical challenges. Moreover, important equipment were stolen from the set just the day before we start shooting. That did nothing but to test our motivation, and the project finished succesfully thanks to the endurance of all members.


Through the eyes of  Yibril (Gabriel Mill) and Hala (Ikram Aoulad) we explore one of those hidden stories that might be happening right now, just beyong the wall. Far from home, they tell us their problems, their feelings, and the connections that join us all as human beings.

The people behind

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Supported by

J.D.  Granados

Sarina Verdonschot

Gabriel Mill, Ikram Aoulad

Silvian Hettich

Urszula Mieszkielo

Vincent Groos

The Royal Institute For Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS)

SV Pictures
Vantage Films

On the set
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Where to find Yibril?
23 Feb 2018

Rue Gratès 3, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort